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This Seru Test is Free to attempt including Multiple choice question, True\False, Fill in the blanks


You must read this booklet before to do the SERU training. Check this link to access the booklet

You will have access for 100 days for £70.Please read section one then try the questions of section one and carry on other sections after reading all sections.

Section wise Seru Training

Section 1: London PHV Driver Licensing
Section 2: Licensing Requirements for PHVs
Section 3: Carrying out Private Hire Journey
Section 4: Staying Safe
Section 5: Driver Behaviour
Section 6: Driving and Parking London
Section 7: Safer Driving
Section 8: Being Aware of Equality and Disability
Section 9: Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk

Section 10: Ridesharing

Section 1 to 10 fill in the blanks

In this you have fully access to all fill in the blanks of from section 1 to 10. This course price is only £ 20